Art Camp, Session 3: Paint, Paste, Graffiti (PM, Ages 7-9)

Monday, June 25, 2018 1:00PM

Art Camp, Session 3: Paint, Paste, Graffiti (PM, Ages 7-9)
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Art Camp, Session 3: Paint, Paste, Graffiti (PM, Ages 7-9)

Session 3 : Jun 25-29
Ages 7/9, PM
Teaching Artist: Aaron Whisner


This workshop will encourage creative experimentation as a way to create work that is all about you: mixing text with pattern and spray painted patterns. We will be working individually, small groups and collaboratively to puzzle these images together! Painting large scale is just as much about improvising as it is having a plan! This workshop will introduce new skills like working with stencils, working big and reinforce creativity and flexible thinking by working in teams!

Learning Outcomes
Campers will build vocabulary and engage in playful experimentation.Campers will use be challenged to think in new ways, to collaborate with others and communicate their ideas with others.

What to expect?
A day starts in our studios, but we quickly use the whole museum: art, gardens, etc. to explore what it means to be a creative thinker and maker. Our workshops are geared towards getting messy, working together and providing space for every child in the studio.

During Art Camp, we hope to be able to make discoveries and see things in a new way, all before lunch. New this summer, we will have a space dedicated to collaborative and group work that we will use in unexpected and new ways geared towards each of the weekly sessions.

Here are a few things to know:
1. We offer before and after care.
2. Lunch is optional and catered through our onsite restaurant.
3. We have a morning snack and afternoon snack built into the studio sessions.
4. We use the whole museum, so we will go outside when the weather permits: please pack sunscreen on bug spray.

Your day at Philbrook will be filled with creative energy and thinking! Please make sure to dress for mess and outdoor exploration.

Visit a member of Philbrook's Guest Experience Team at the front desk or call our Education Administrator, Evan Johnson at (918) 748-5325 for more information.